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GtaMAP - Romzes - 2019-04-14

What it is?

GTAMAP - With this site you can find map bug fixes, objects that are not visible in the map editor, and just a beautiful mapping.

How to visit the site?

Simply follow this link - link

Who made this site? Site image

[Image: ScreenShot00067.jpg]

RE: GtaMAP - Kiru - 2019-04-15

[Image: GKaRmTF.png]

Out of curiousity,  I opened editor.exe to see if this is true.

[Image: tzpIebQ.jpg]

Good job

RE: GtaMAP - Gravityfalls - 2019-04-15


RE: GtaMAP - Zeth - 2019-04-15

Nicely done!

RE: GtaMAP - rEf - 2019-04-15


RE: GtaMAP - #Beer - 2019-04-15

very good, i love this

RE: GtaMAP - JonasP - 2019-04-15

Great resource.

Some ideas:
- Add descriptions about what was done. Sometimes I find it hard to understand if I haven't seen that bug before.
- Zoom capability. I would prefer being able to zoom in a little bit more.

Other than that, very useful and a good group effort by your community to catalog all of this and then make this website

RE: GtaMAP - SyS - 2019-04-16

Nice one