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RE: How to help - NiGHt_HuNTeR - 2019-07-09


other bugs:
cbug(deagle,sniper,shotgun) 2shots, sliding bug, Vehice F Abuse , G Abuse ,Passenger abuse Dual command abuse (via keybinds, autohotkey) ,animation abuse to avoid getting shots, running in and out of interriors just to avoid getting shot and desync bugs , laggers not taking damage, desync but shots not registering , I will also share some scripts (not mine, some of my friends)

RE: How to help - Dom - 2019-10-28

I'd like to offer any help regarding web development, back-end or front-end, or writing Pawn scripts for anything.
I'm sure we could make some awesome tools and open APIs for open.mp.

RE: How to help - Mave - 2019-10-31

Happy to see the birth of this project!

RE: How to help - stupidcunt - 2019-11-07

It would be good if they add a plugin that adds npcs and traffic like in gta online 

why? it would make freeroam servers a lot more fun.

RE: How to help - joshep48 - 2019-11-19

I'm looking forward to seeing this project in operation!

RE: How to help - Jastak - 2020-04-19

I would like to help, and I want to. I know a little of everything, web development (react, nodejs, etc), c ++ (I'm not a pro but I would like to learn even more).
By the way they are my idols (hahaha, especially Y_Less and Graber).
If you find my help necessary (although I doubt it) I am full time for you.

RE: How to help - Roth - 2020-06-29

I am practically new to SA: MP since I met the mod in 2016, I am a member of the Spanish (Latino) speaking community but I am quite interested in contributing my professional graphic design skills, I have more than 10 years of experience and graduated from college.

I don't know about programming and in this community I find it nice to be able to learn, so I really wanted to do all this, I leave you with one of my proposals;


RE: How to help - Knogle - 2020-09-30

Is there a way how to donate now? :)

RE: How to help - DayWalker[MM] - 2020-10-06

Bumping this cause I wanna help out. I have some history coding for competitive robotics using Java. Right now I'm mostly using JavaScript cause I'm mostly into developing stuff for browsers. I'm not the best developer, but I'm pretty darn good at using Google which I think is a good foundation incase you might need an extra dev.
Btw I was also an admin on a samp server called Mini Missions. The community is still active.

RE: How to help - Sanady - 2020-12-16

If you guys need extra help with web development I can help, I have experience with PHP Laravel and with frontend too. So if you need my help feel free to contact me :)

RE: How to help - Eloctro - 2020-12-20

I am a French developer. I'm on sa-mp since 2007. I'm ready to manage the French community.

I feel I have a good level in PAWN.

Some examples: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96D_z-ATqPVQyREvpnewTw?view_as=subscriber

RE: How to help - mandofskii - 2021-05-02

I am senior python, C++ and C# programmer!
I want to contribute to open.mp project

RE: How to help - BetterChan - 2021-05-24

I can be responsible for translation and community management in the Chinese region.

RE: How to help - gormaljiep - 2021-07-26

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